Many of us hear the messages about physical activity and its importance for good health.  But just how important is physical activity for good health? To answer this question I need to draw on the data of expert epidemiologists in the field of physical activity, the conclusions of their research is nothing short of staggering.

1. For health outcomes (i.e reducing morbidity and mortality) 30 minutes of exercise every day is eight, yes that's right, eight times as effective as losing weight. We know from studies that if you take patients who get liposuction or go on low calorie, high energy expenditure routines, that these groups will both lose weight and they will both show improvement in health outcomes. What is surprising though is that those groups who did 30 minutes of exercise every day but did not lose weight were more than eight-fold better off when measuring health outcomes. Bottom line is if you want to achieve good health then it is the exercise not the weight loss that is important.

2. Physical activity provides twice the health benefits as giving up smoking.

3. Low fitness kills more people that smoking, diabetes and obesity combined.

Is it time to get moving?


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