How absurd it is.

It takes a personal trainer 12 weeks to obtain the industry minimum standard qualification. It takes a medical professional 6 years to do the same.

Personal trainers in the Sydney CBD can earn anywhere from $30-$80/hr when they graduate. Thus calculated at 38hrs/week with 4 weeks annual leave, a new graduate could potentially earn approximately $150,000 p/a. The medical professional, having devoted 6 of the prime years of his or her life, can expect to earn $68,000 in their first year out in the 'real world.' Luckily for the Personal Trainer he or she won't have to work the 10pm-8am shift with their clients, nor will they have to deal with life and death situations."

Hardly seems fair.

None-the-less, there is a subset of Personal Trainers who view the medical profession with distain and take any opportunity they can to harp on its inadequacies. They cite a doctors unwillingness to teach their patients the 'paleo diet' as evidence of an lack of understanding. The Doctor cites an overwhelming amount of evidence pointing to a link between excess red meat consumption and cancer not to mention the negative health effects of a low fibre diet. The Personal Trainer counters with conspiracy theories of rigged studies and food industry lobbyists. The Doctor asks if he has ever met with a researcher at a major University?

The tumbleweeds roll by. 

Whilst stewing in a pool of arrogance, some Personal Trainers fail to note a core principle of the allopathic medical approach - 'when it comes to patients, first and foremost, do no harm.' Bound by this tradition, the medical practitioner is obligated to educate patients using the best available evidence. Sometimes this advice is conservative, sometimes this is necessary. 

History is littered with examples of those who decided to 'jump the gun' only to find out in time the full extent of their folly. As a wise old doctor once said to me, "sometimes it's important to have an open mind, but no so open that your brains fall out."

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