Yesterday (Tuesday 8th October 2013) I had the privilege of being invited to share the airwaves with some wonderful people on 'chat with Chika' at Eagle Waves Radio, hosted by Kerry Chikarovski.

To my left and right, seated in the radio's cockpit studio at Vivo cafe, 388 George St Sydney CBD, were two other industry leaders Michelle Kearney from Bella Media and Christian d’Astoli from CrossFit Athletic, another cutting edge gym in Sydney CBD. 

The topic of the day was staying young - or more specifically how the baby boom generation can maximise their youthful potential and age gracefully as they move toward their later years. 

Much a discussion was had and if you’re keen to listen to the full show you can head over to Eagles Waves Radio and stream the audio file or download it in podcast format:

What I want to touch on in this post is something that has been taking up space in my head since the show.  I wonder if the pursuit of youth is in effect like chasing a straw-man.. I mean we’re simply not able to turn back time...

Youth is defined (by my friend google) as:

“The period between childhood and adult age.
Young people considered as a group.”

Life on the other hand is defined as:

“The condition that distinguishes animals and plants from inorganic matter, including the capacity for growth, reproduction, functional activity, and continual change preceding death.”

LIFE. Now that sounds like what we want.  Unless we are invested in a romanticised fantasy about the period of time between childhood and adulthood I think most of us will agree our situation, personality, ability to make decisions and financial maturity are things that change positively as we come of age - the only catch is we’re, well, more aged.

A secret that many don’t know but I have seen:  Living in a way that has you feeling alive is the most effective way to appear and exhibit the energy of youth. I see it in clients all the time when consulting at our gym in Sydney CBD. During a personal training session, simply asking them questions about something I know they are passionate about brings about an immediate change in demeanour, an instant increase in energy, creativity and the resurgence of the oftentimes neglected intangible asset of youth referred to as possibility.

I know many 60 year olds who exhibit an energy and passion for life that far outstrips their 25-30 year old contemporaries, which says the younger generation has some catching up to do.

To enhance your ability and likelihood to live in this way for years to come requires a change in attitude, an attitude that says it’s ok to take some time to make decisions that support your health.

Something that has stuck with me since the interview was Kerry's anecdote of her time in France, observing many elegant Parisian women with slim waistline’s, beautiful skin and relaxed disposition, unashamedly dedicating pockets of time throughout the day to the maintenance of their health.

We should support and be a part of creating a culture that values the same.  Even if you travel into the city each day, have a high powered job, a family and other aspirations, take time to join a gym in Sydney CBD, make wise choices at lunch and put value on a good night sleep.  It will leave you in good stead and support you to do more of the things that you are passionate about and have you come alive.


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