One of the best kept secrets of successful exercise programs is that nutrition is more important than exercise. Stop press! Really? But you knew that already, everyone knows it already. 

Personal trainer Sydney CBD spout nutrition hints and tips like fountains in summer. There is no shortage of information but it seems there is a shortage of application of that information.  The key point here is that although most clients are aware they must eat well to see results in the gym it oftentimes proves painfully difficult to do so in everyday life. Let’s simplify it.

Here’s a description of you:

You’re a busy person, you have ambitious personal and career aspirations, a social life, potentially a family and would also like to see some change in you body composition. You work hard at the gym a few times per week but just don’t seem to be able to stay on the food wagon.

Setting yourself up for success

By far the most common roadblock that comes up in personal trainer Sydney CBD nutrition consultations is time. The perception that preparing your own food and eating well will rob you of valuable time is inaccurate. 

Having your food organised and knowing what and when you will be eating is not only a great time saver but a confidence builder - you know that with each meal you are moving towards your physical goals rather than away from them. Not to mention removing the feeling of stress, guilt or just pain confusion that results from being disorganised and ending up with something random from the local food court. 

Preparing your food for the week

Choose wisely
Get a food list that contains only healthy foods and compile all of your meals from those foods on the list you enjoy eating. You’ll end up cheating a little like most clients so don’t plan for it, let it be the exception not the rule. Click this link for a huge list of foods. Note: this list does not contain grains or dairy.

Get specific
You need to be specific about what you will eat. Click this link to download our weekly meal planner that helps by allowing you to easily transpose your weekly meal plan into a shopping list.

Have a plan
I am favourable of the Sunday + Wednesday cooking arrangement. I have clients plan our three days of food and cook all the food in one 2-hour block on a Sunday and then again on a Wednesday evening. Not only does this set up the week it also frees up a large amount of time every other evening. Most clients also find they save money as they have each meal planned and don’t find themselves hungry with the result of having to buy lunch from a food court. Make sure you have plenty of lunchbox sized containers on hand before your first cooking day so you can split your creations into meal sized portions and store them in the fridge.

Learn how to cook
If you don’t know how to cook, learn how to cook. I’m not suggesting you become the next master chef, I’m suggesting you learn the rock bottom basics. It is vitally important to know how to cook a steak or some chicken breast, salad and vegetables from a personal independence standpoint but also so you know exactly what is in your food and have the confidence you are eating what will get you the best results.

Book it in your diary
Make sure you book in 1-2 shopping excursions per week to your local supermarket and your desired cooking times. Treat this like you would any other important meeting or appointment. Note: if you are following this system and are making more than two trips to the shops each week you are disorganised. 

Have fun
Make sure you choose foods you enjoy eating AND will support your training / physical goals. There’s no point going through all this then hating meal time. This should be enjoyable and fulfilling as you are taking control of one of the most important aspects of health and fitness.

I would love to expand more on this topic in future posts, please email me if you have any questions or would like some more tips at

Benjamin Weale is a personal trainer Sydney CBD.


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