In Part I of this post I discussed the importance of ensuring your program is balanced and to be careful not to fall into the habit of using only cardiovascular equipment, at the same time, every workout day, at the same intensity, like many members of gym in Sydney CBD.

Below find information on how to modify cardiovascular or strength work to achieve different results. It is very important to vary your programming so that you don’t fall into a rut resulting in a plateau and simply for reasons of enjoyment.

Traditionally, cardiovascular exercise and strength training have been seen as opposite sides of the fitness spectrum when choosing what to do for a workout. You either spend time on the treadmill area or time in the weights area. Each give different results because each are fundamentally different, right? Not entirely...

The type of result you can expect to derive from a form of exercise when you visit gym in Sydney CBD can be correlated to the intensity to which it is performed.

The cardiovascular area

For example, if you choose to spend time on the treadmill, you can choose to run slowly for a longer duration, perform moderate intensity intervals (a mixture of fast and slow running over a shorter total time period) or high intensity intervals (sprints of near 100% effort with rest intervals between each sprint).  

Each of these forms of cardiovascular exercise will produce different results and all are relevant for most people with correct preparation.

Slower, longer duration cardiovascular exercise will help you achieve the more traditional definition of fitness and prepare the body for longer bouts of continuous movement along with heart-health and circulation improvements. This type of cardiovascular work is particularly important if you are just returning to exercise after a long period of inactivity, have never exercised regularly or have recommendations from your doctor to engage only in moderate forms of exercise.

Short, highly intense bouts of cardiovascular work will actually result in benefits similar to those achieved through well performed strength work. During intense cardiovascular training such as sprints, a high demand is placed on the body to perform explosively which is surprisingly similar to strength work given the load experienced by the body at such an intensity. Think of a sprinter at full flight - they have a lean and muscular physique due to this intense form of training.

The weights area

Spending time in the weights area in gym in Sydney CBD is a fantastic way to improve your muscle strength and endurance.

The weight you select for each exercise will determine what benefit you can expect to achieve. 

Selecting a light weight that you can lift for upwards of 15-20 repetitions will result in an improvement in muscular endurance. This type of training is beneficial if you are looking to improve your technique in a certain movement or improve the capillary density within a certain muscle group. 

Selecting a heavier weight that you can lift for only 12-15 repetitions will result in an improvement in technique and capillary density as before but will also help to build muscle mass.

Selecting a heavier weight again that you can lift for only 8-10 repetitions will result in an increase in muscle mass and an increase in muscular strength.

Next time you head to the gym make a commitment to yourself to try something new or modify your existing routine with some of the principles above based on your current objectives. 


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