Your are what you repeatedly do.

This is not an esoteric concept, you quite literally are what you repeatedly do, at least physically. Take a minute to look at yourself in the mirror, wearing little clothing if possible, and introduce yourself to the SAID principle.

The SAID principle is one of the most basic concepts of sports science and refers to the tendency of the body to adapt to the stress placed upon it. Personal trainer sydney cbd and regular gym goers alike use this principle on a daily basis. S.A.I.D. stands for Specific Adaptation to Imposed Demand and is most probably the reason you look the way you do today and even function the way you do today.

Everything you do during the course of your daily life moulds, shapes and polishes aspects of your physical makeup and psyche. The body adapts, amazingly, to the demands we place upon it IF those demands are high enough but not so high as to result in injury or fatigue.

When talking about physical conditioning, the goal is to safely create enough stress on the physical system to stimulate change - think: muscle soreness or a pounding heartbeat. Without this higher level of stress, there is no incentive for the body to adapt, no stimulus, no necessity for change. But too much physical stress, think: working out until you’re completely exhausted or lifting far too much weight for your current level of conditioning, will result in regression rather than progression.

If you’ve ever spent time in a gym with a personal trainer sydney cbd you’ll notice that it seems if particular body types gravitate toward different corners of the facility. The weights area is usually filled with muscular and sometimes overly bulky people. The cardio area is usually filled with slim, lean people or people training for weight loss and the yoga classes are generally filled with people who exhibit relatively good poise and a very lithe muscular physique.

There are a couple of point to make here, one of them is that it is true that people gravitate to what they are naturally good at, for example: the people in the weights area may naturally have a stronger build and the people in the cardio area may have a natural tendency toward running. However, it is also true that the body will adapt to the stress placed upon it so training for your desired outcome is more important than training for your natural tendencies. 

Look back to the mirror.

Your body is constructed, today, in exactly the form necessary to cope with the current day-to-day physical demands of your life. It’s a perfect reflection to you of your choices and of the effectiveness of your exercise program. If you’re unsatisfied with your current physique, you can quite easily change it by changing your daily demands on it. As far as your body is concerned there are no rest days, no holidays, everything you do (or don’t do) is logged away into physical memory. You’re always training - you are what you do.

This is a powerful concept because it means you can literally physically re-engineer yourself. You can choose to throw yourself into the deep end at any point, choose activities that stimulate a certain type of physical adaptation and take advantage of your body’s natural ability to adapt effectively to the stress placed upon it.

There’s a lot more to this topic so feel free to comment below or email any questions you have over and I'll get onto them ASAP.


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